How to get CarBridge without a Jailbreak

If you've stumbled upon this page in search for an answer for how to get CarBridge without a jailbreak, then congrats! Your search ends here. You cannot get CarBridge without a jailbreak. Any website that says otherwise is a scam. Do not fall for these sites, they prey off the scarcity of jailbreaks to get you to fill out scam surveys and other unethical practices.

Why do you keep telling me to jailbreak my device?

Short answer: This is not an app.
Long answer: Despite what everyone thinks, CarBridge is not an app, it is an operating system tweak. If it were possible without a jailbreak, why wouldn't we just sell it to you?

Okay, I'm done hopelessly googling, now tell me how to get this thing.

Unfortunately, there is no instant gratification. You will need to jailbreak your device. We recommend you turn off automatic updates on your device and wait for a jailbreak.

How do I jailbreak?

We recommend that you follow our guides for a list of all legitimate jailbreaks. Due to scarcity, there are many fake jailbreak scams out there. Stick to our guides and you will be safe.

I found a site to jailbreak the latest iOS version, can I use that?

They're all scams. Stick to our guides or follow us on Twitter for the latest news on jailbreak releases.

Why can't I jailbreak the latest iOS version?

Apple does not believe you have the right to choose what to do with your own device, so they actively work to lock down your device with each iOS update to product their monopoly on software distribution and user choice. In this jailed system, apple dictates what you can and cannot do with your device, which is why it's called "jailbreaking".

Why does Apple do this?

Apple makes a lot of money by keeping you trapped in their system (tens of billions per year). Any time you buy a digital item in an app that came from the App Store, Apple typically takes 30% of that revenue. We think you deserve the choice to be able to choose what to do with your device, because it belongs to you, not them.