Give Your Car

Open any app in CarPlay.


Never mount your phone again.

  • Watch DRM-free videos

  • Play games with a controller

  • Browse the web

Open any app in CarPlay

Used by thousands of satisfied customers!

Whether it's a video app, a game with a controller, or social media, you can attempt to bridge any app with CarBridge.

  • Bring your favorite apps to CarPlay
  • Make road trips chill
  • Show off to your friends

A Cinematic Experience

Upgrade your road trip with CarBridge. Experience the big screen with friends, or just chill out with your favorite apps. Don't settle for a boring drive ever again.

  • Watch videos together
  • Open YouTube in CarPlay
  • Plex and chill 😏

Explore a New World

CarBridge is a part of a larger ecosystem for customizing iOS devices known as jailbreaking. Jailbreaking lets you customize your iPhone in ways that aren't possible otherwise. There are hundreds of modifications to choose from.

  • Completely safe and legal in the United States
  • Entirely reversible. Undo any change you don't like
  • Explore more tweaks, themes, and apps on Havoc Marketplace
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CarBridge Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get CarBridge without jailbreaking?
I found a site to get CarBridge without jailbreaking, what about that?
Is CarBridge safe to use?
Is it safe to jailbreak my device?
How do I jailbreak?

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